• Zac Leigh invited to take part in lecture demonstrations with the Royal Ballet School Associates'
  • Stella Casson Du-mont achieved a Scholarship Vocational place at Ballet Theatre UK, and Northern Ballet School as well as the waitlist for Central School of Ballet & Rambert Finals
  • Zac Leigh performed with the London Children's Ballet Touring Company
  • Sienna Barrett successfully auditioned and performed with English Youth Ballet's Nutcracker Suite and Etudes
  • Charlene Tai and Anouska Barrett accepted into National Youth Ballet - Main Cast
  • Royal Academy of Dance Awards Day Winners
  • Ruth French Award - Stella Casson Du-Mont
  • Sallie Lewis Award - Nicole Chan-Fook - runner up
  • Zac Leigh - White Lodge and Elmhurst Ballet School Finals and accepted into Mid Associates - Royal Ballet School



Cup Winner - Sasha Leigh, Daniel Sinnarasa - Most Outstanding Boy
Medalists: Sasha Leigh, Stella Casson Dumont, Megan Hondius, Elizabeth Sinnarasa, Anushka Conway (1st in choreography), Martha Wrench, Nicole Chan-Fook
Medalists: Sasha Leigh (1st in Character and Greek), Daniel Sinnarasa, Nicole Chan-Fook, Stella Casson Dumont (1st in ballet), Megan Hondius
Cup Winner - Megan Hondius - Senior Ballet Cup
Medalists: Zac Leigh, Elizabeth Sinnarasa (1st in Ballet)
Medalists:  Elizabeth Sinnarasa, Nicole Chan-Fook, Megan Hondius, Daniel Sinnarasa, Evelyn Chan-Fook
Cup Winner - Nicole Chan-Fook (Most Promising Junior) Invited to dance in Ballethoo Competition, also Anouska Barret, Zac Leigh & Elizabeth Sinnarasa - Duet.
Elizabeth Sinnarasa, Evelyn Chan-Fook, Nicole Chan-Fook - Greek Trio
Medalists: Anouska Barrett (1st in Character), Anushka Conway, Elizabeth Sinnarasa, Evelyn Chan-Fook (1st in Greek) Daniel Sinnarasa
Cup Winners - Martha Wrench - Ballet Cup, Megan Hondius - Greek and Most Promising Senior Cups, Anouska Barrett - 1st in Ballet - Senior Cup
Medalists - Daniel Sinnarasa, Anouska Conway, Lucy Gordon, Kaiya Diwah Bharania, Avina Shah
Cup Winners - Megan Hondius - Ballet, Sasha Leigh - Character and Greek, Stella Casson Du Mont, Sasha Leigh - Classical duet Cup
Medalists - Martha Wrench, Nicole Chan-Fook, Anouska Barrett, Evelyn Chan-Fook, Elizabeth Sinnarasa, Lucy Gordon, Daniel Sinnarasa, Kaylie Etwaroo



  • Students attending Royal Ballet School Associates, London Junior / Senior Ballet, Central School of Ballet, Tring Park CBA, Young Dancers Academy
  • Tring Park full scholarship
  • Millenium College
  • 2013, 2012, 2011 winners Ruth French, London Region, Runner Up Sallie Lewis Awards - RAD HQ
  • Kiev State Ballet School (College)
  • Winner of Young British Dancer Award to Central Summer School
  • Central School of Ballet 3 year Degree Course
  • Ballet West - Degree Course